Frequently asked questions

A digitised 'ajo, esusu or adashe' platform. Save with friends, collect lump savings turn-by-turn in rotation
No, only group savings are administered
All monies are paid into a central corporate account. Your collectable is paid into your bank account on your settlement date
No. Savings must continue till the end of the savings period
You can get optional interests by activating interests on your savings plan from the app or website
Once you pick your slot, You will be subscribed for the plan and payments will be automatically charged on your account
19 Gbemisola Street, Ikeja, Lagos
If you are yet to collect, you will be charged 25% default fee. If you have collected you will be charged 50% default fee. If paid within the 2 days grace period, the default charge will be canceled
No hidden charges. Each saver is expected to pay a one-time commitment fee when picking a slot. An administrative fee is also paid monthly as you save
When you join a plan, you'll choose your preferred turn from the available dates
If there's a default, the company still pays out to the person collecting. The company has internal processes in place for handling defaults
We don't save your card details. We aren't even aware of your card details. Paystack handles all card transactions. So it's safe.
That's the account to be credited when it is your turn to collect
By using your card once, Paystack will be able to debit you automatically once the savings start. Debit stops when the savings end or when you exit a plan
You can exit if the group isn't complete yet or if savings haven't begun
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